Bio sour cream 26 % in the package

Bio sour cream 26 % in the package

Package: polyethylene film bag.

Appearance: homogeneous mass with glossy surface.

Taste and odour: clean, sour-milk with a pronounced flavor inherent to pasteurized product without foreign flavors and smells.

Colour: white with a creamy shadow.

Nutrition value per 100 g of product: fat - 16.0 g; protein - 2.6 g; carbohydrate - 2.9 g.

Caloric content: 170 kkal (690 kJ)

Fat content 16 %

Shelf life 15 days

Unit weight 450 g
Quantity per pack 10 pcs
Storage temperature (4±2)°С
Bar-code 4810557007591
HS code 0403905900