«Pripyatskiy» 12%

«Pripyatskiy» 12%

Taste and odour: light cheesy and sour milk flavour, salty.

Colour: from white to light-yellow, homogeneous throughout the mass.

There is no picture but allowes some eyes and holes.

Appearance: there is no cheese heel ant the surface is rough.

Texture: homogeneous, donse dough.

Nutrition value per 100 g of product: fat - 3.0 g; protein - 20.0 g.

Caloric content: 110 kkal (450 kJ)

Fat content 12 %

Shelf life 25 days.

Unit weight up to 400 g
Quantity per pack 6 pcs
Bar-code 4810557006921
HS-code 0406105009
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