Salty cheese «Brynza» 45%

Salty cheese «Brynza» 45%

Taste and odour: clean, sour-milk, salty.

Colour: from white to light-yellow, homogeneous throughout the mass.

There is no picture but allowes some eyes.

This cheese is produced from pasteurized milk and special bacterial concentrate.

«Brynza» is combined with vegetables and farinaceous dishes.

It is fit for pie filler.

Nutrition value per 100 g of product: fat - 20.3 g; protein - 18.7 g.

Caloric content: 258 kkal (1069 kJ)

Fat content 45 %

Shelf life 60 days

Unit weight up to 400 g
Quantity per pack 16 pcs
Bar-code 4810557007584
HS-code 0406109901
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