About Company

Заводоуправление Березовский сыродельный комбинат

OJSC (open joint stock company) “Berioza cheese-producing plant” is a company with a rich history. Today the plant is one of the leaders in dairy industry with a wide and varied range.

The main components of our success are carefully preserving traditions of dairy production, friendly and talented staff, continuous improvement of production facilities, advanced technology and high grade raw milk. To date, the company produces more than 200 kinds of products. The main of them – cheese: semi-hard, soft, processed and sausage cheese, brynza. Also the company produces whole-milk drinks and butter, yoghurt and sour-milk drinks, glazed curds and ice-cream, mayonnaise and dry dairy products. All these products bring out under the well-known and favourite brand “Berjozka”.

The products of our plant are widely presented not only in the Republic of Belarus but also abroad. Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries are our long standing partners. We value each customer and we are proud of reputation as a reliable supplier of natural products prepared from the fresh Belorussian milk.

In 2004, the company implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. The quality and safety management system based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in compliance with the requirements STB 1470 put in action in 2005. In 2011 the company got the certificate of Food Safety System Management in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 22000 for the production, storage and transportation of semi-hard cheese. In 2012 the plant was the first one in the Republic of Belarus received a code certificate of Food Safety System Management in accordance with the international standard FSSC 22000 for the promotion of semi-hard cheese. So far, the scope of certification of Food Safety System Management based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for compliance with STB 1470 – 2012 expands.

The company is the winner of the most prestigious international and national competitions, where the plant deservedly gains gold and silver medals. The company became the winner  under the notion “Producer № 1 of semi-hard cheese” according to the “Choice of the Year 2012”, “Choice of the Year 2013”, “Choice of the Year 2015” and  “Choice of the Year 2015”  results. 

The Standing Committee of the European Union on the Food Chain and Animal Health has allowed our company to supply milk and dairy products to the EU since July 2012. This once again confirms that the choice of milk products from the “Berjozka” is always consistent quality and the best choice.

Mission and Values

In order to be the best we bring out high quality, competitive and safe products for consumers. We implement advanced technologies and innovations; provide manufacture quality raw material and primary products. We work at marketing development and offer optimal range of products to our customers.